Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Cupcakes!

Aren't these Halloween cupcakes so cute! I made cupcakes and frosting for my boys to decorate just for fun and decided to make some myself and give them to my nieces. All you need for the three types of cupcakes shown here is:

Waffle cones
Pull apart licorice
Black licorice

Pumpkin Cupcake

The pumpkin was the very easiest to do. Just frost it orange and frost a green stem then decorate the face with candies, frosting or whatever you'd like. I piped the mouth on and used Toblerone (I cut it smaller) for the eyes. This one is so easy that my 7 year olds were even able to do it.

Spider Cupcake

The spider cupcake was also pretty easy. I started by frosting the whole cupcake white. The I used a star tip for the body and head of the spider. The hardest part for me on this was the actual spider body because I'm not a very good artist but all in all it turned out okay. Black licorice was used for the legs and then I also added some red pull apart licorice for eyes.

Witch hat and hair cupcake

side view of witch hat and hair

The witch ones were my favorite! First frost the cupcake green (with the left over pumpkin stem frosting). Then cut a waffle cone down to the size hat you'd like. Frost the hat in black (with left over spider frosting). Because these were for my nieces I added sprinkles to make it more girly and cute (also I just like adding sparkly sprinkles to things whenever possible). Then put the cone in the center of the cupcake. Once the cone is in place I put the licorice around about half the cupcake. Once you have as much "hair" as you want on there pipe on some black frosting all the way around the cone for the brim of the hat. This way the "hair" is under the hat. And voila! A fun witches hat with hair!