Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cowboy Hat Cake

I forgot to take pictures of the process of this one but it's pretty simple.

All you need is:
Sheriff Badge


Top view
I baked a round cake and then a cake in a bowl. The round cake I shaped into an oval then used my scraps to build up the edges for a brim. The cake baked in a bowl was placed flat side down on top of the oval. Then I cut the top of two Twinkies off and put them on top of the bowl cake.


Front View
I didn't use a tip for this cake. I just frosted it with a chocolate cream cheese frosting. It made it much easier to hide seams where I built and it also gave it more of worn look like a real cowboy hat would have :)

To finish I put a Sheriff badge on the front of it and then cut the cake board so you couldn't see it and placed it on a handkerchief with the plates and napkins. It was so fast and easy and my 6 year old Loved it!

Finished Cowboy Hat Cake

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